incorrect positioning after SQL error


This relates to Toad for Oracle Beta - but has been around for a while.

I have an extremely large and complex SQL statement - please see attachment below.
When I change something and inadvertently introduce an error, Oracle will throw an error at me - which is fine.

Toad then repositions the editor so that the cursor is placed on the error line.
Unfortunately, with large/complex queries Toad selects the wrong line.

In the attached query, the error is somewhere in lines 2053-2086 - that’s the section I changed…

When I hit F9, I get error:
ORA-00904: “RTN”.“ROUTINE_TYPE”: invalid identifier

and the editor repositions to line 819.
Assuming Oracle reports the last occurrence it would be off by 1260 lines.

I’m not sure it’s a Toad error - it might just as well be an Oracle error (this is running on Oracle 9…)

If you’d like additional info, please do let me know.

Kind regards,
Abe Kornelis

Please mind this .png file is actually a .zip file holding the query and the table definitions. You’ll miss the data, but that should make no difference…

no attached file, no picture.

can you run the same sql in SQL*Plus from oracle?


the file shows as a small error icon - it’s not a valid png file apparently - not surprising…

Anyway,I’m having an issue with PL*Sql, I’ll have it fixed, then give it a try…



I’m sorry, I cannot - I just opened another ticket for Toad being unable to log me on in SQL*Plus.

anyway, I simply started SQL*Plus manually, copied the query into it with the same results.
It’s not Toad, it’s Oracle pointing to an incorrect source code line.

It’s perfectly understandable Toad is following Oracle’s reported error line number.

It does not solve the problem, but at least Toad can no longer be blamed :wink:

Thanks for your suggestion!