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Customizing Toad Menu grays out main menu???

Hi all,

Got a new work laptop and was installing toad and everything else. I always had toad menus customized and put all the clickables on one bar. When I right click and customize the Execute menu, the main menu grays out and I cannot drag and drop from it to where i want it. I clicked the commands tab and the commands are not showing up for that menu for me to drag and drop to the menu i want.

Same thing happens when I try to put the icons to the main menu, the Excute menu grays out and the commands are not available to add to the main menu bar. IE increase and/or decrease indent for example.

See attached screenshot of my issue please.

I have Win 7 / Toad version - some bug with the menu customization?

Any help is appreciated.


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Message was edited by: david.giblin_406

Un-maximize the Editor if it is maximized. This will help differentiate between
the main Toad toolbar and the Editor toolbar. As in the past, buttons define in
the Editor cannot be dragged to the main Toad toolbar. When you right-click over
the main Toad toolbar and choose Customize, you can customize it alone.
Similarly right-clicking over the Editor toolbar and choosing Customize allows
you to customize it alone.


I tried your suggestion but it didnt help. thanks for trying though.

I think the main problem is that the commands tab, category edit, does not show the outdent or indent buttons…

Is there a reason why those are gone now or am I hitting a bug?


Please provide a screenshot of what you are seeing. This will help a lot more
than a back and forth conversation. I think that you are on the main Toad
toolbar customization dialog, not that of the Editor. The attached screenshot
shows the Edit category for the Editor toolbar. The indent buttons are there.