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Toolbar not customizable

Toad Data Point 5.0

I accidentally customized my tool bar, and now it looks like this--

Is there a way to remove the "FILE | EDIT | EDITOR" row? Or is there a way to reset my toolbar to the default?

I tried to right-click and reset in customize tab, but these three buttons are still there.

Hi - I tried to recreate your issue in my env so I could see if I could solve. I wasn't able to see exactly what you see - but maybe this will help.

Short Video on Removing Custom Toolbar Items (sorry the sound is very low)

Reply and let me know if this helped

Hi Julie,
Thank you so much for recording your answer in a video! I appreciate your patience and help! In my case, my toolbar is not drag-able and I don't have the relevant box.

Fortunately, I tried to open the options window and uncheck the "Toolbar and menu customizations" box (in the picture) and then I restart Toad. Surprisingly, those things are gone.