Restore custom menu/toolbar

Hello, my pc lost power, came back and now I cannot see my custom menu and toolbar - no upgrade involved. Auto replace and code templates are still intact.

My oracle Toad is v13.1.0.78. Are they stored in a certain folder? I think I have some backup I can check, also I did save custom settings from a menu function. I may be able to pull the files if they are stored in either location. Thanks in advance.

If you have a backup, restore the files with the .lay extension from backup to user files folder

Your user files folder is something like:

C:\Users\YOUR_WINDOWS_USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Quest Software\Toad for Oracle\13.1\User Files\

Note: it may be under Dell instead of Quest Software. We were owned by Dell around that time.

Thank you! I found these .lay files in my backup

I will try to copy them back into the folder you mentioned, the path is correct, thanks

I forgot to mention - make sure that Toad is not running while you copy these files

yes i am out. thanks

i was able to copy the .lay files but it did not restore the menu or toolbar....I verified after exiting toad that there are other files in the destination folder that get updated with current time stamp. So the folder should be correct.

Am i missing some files to copy back? There are 3 .lay with the prefix of "original-", i did not copy these.

Copy everything once more, including the "original" files.

copied all 8 .lay files, still not working. 5 of them got new time stamp after exiting, 3 (original_) did not.

vert strange, as everything else (sql recall, connect setting, auto replace...) seems to be intact but menu & toolbar.

The .lay files will be for your docking layout which is different than menus/bars. Grab the EditorToolbars.ini and Toolbars.ini file and use those. They should be named that in 13.2. I have as old as 14.1 available and that's what they are named.

Oops, that's right. Thanks Michael. Sorry for the wild goose chase David. :smiley:

thank you!!! now both toolbar & menu are back.

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no prob John, appreciated your help never the less.

I have had an option popped up at startup for a while, to go to new version 17.0.341.1977. I held back lest it would wipe out my you know if it will preserve my settings? I am not familiar the settings files.

can I install to a new folder, or backup existing folder? so that I can go back and forth? are some files outside of AppData\Roaming\Quest Software\Toad for Oracle\13.1\User Files?

You can leave 13.1 installed and install 17.0 in addition to it. Each version will live independently in its own folder.

If I remember correctly - because these versions are so far apart, Toad 17.0 will not import your settings from 13.1 automatically, but you can do that manually under Main menu -> Manage User Settings. After that, each version will retain their own copy of settings moving forward.

We will be releasing a patch to 17.0 in December or January. A few significant bugs have been reported and the patch will address them. You may want to wait for that to be released before you update. Other than the patch items, 17.0 is so much better than 13.x. There is a long list of bug fixes and enhancements between these versions. I always feel like I am entering the stone age when I fire up an old Toad.

If you want to look at the change log for version 17.0 you can start here, then at the end, there is a link to 16.3's list, and so on.


thanks this is great info, i totally enjoyed the customization capability of toad.

I have had some issues with auto replace, specific a "_" (underscore) in front of a value gets expanded, for ex, "_dt" became "_drop table". Do you know if current v17 addressed this? If so I may grab it now & apply patch later.

I guess you have 'dt' set up in Editor -> Auto Replace?

I just add it to mine in v17.0.

dt changed to 'drop table'
_dt did not.

You may or may not hit any of the patch bugs. I think the ones you are most likely to see are below.

  • Error running Script in Script manager
  • Wrong user name in alter db link window
  • Tab stop setting does not get saved
  • Import Table Data from Fixed Field Width gives bogus error about field size
  • ToadActions.dat from 16.3 or prior cannot import into 17.0 if it contains Data Pump Import actions


yes 'dt' was set up in AR, and "_" is not a activation char.

I think I have raised this before...good to see v17 is not sporting this behavior.

the list of items do seems like they are more critical. I think I will install & try v17 out from a separate folder.

Thanks for your help.

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