Data Compare (Group of Files)

Dear Experts,

This is my 1st. thread over your professional forum, I’ve just used Toad for Data Analysts 2 time sto do simple compare between 2 Comma Delimited Files

Currentlt, I;ve new complex task: compare between data of 2 days
but these data of each day is exportef from my company softwares in 54 Comma Delimited Files…

So now, I’d like to compare to compare between 1st. day (54 Comma Delimited Files) and 2nd. day (54 Comma Delimited Files)

each file in 1st. day has correspondant file in 2nd. day having same name

Kindly advice how to do this task? please explain step-by-step
as I’m newbie to Toad

Thanks a lot in advance

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i don’t believe toad can do that with CSV files…

diffutils can do it easily though
or for windows

Maybe save as excel and create a connection? I’d use other tools to do that more easily… MS access has an unmatched query wizard that I use.

Dear Jesse,
Kindly advice how to use Diffutils, I’ve installed but don’t know how to use !!

you can use any text compare tools as suggested above. But Toad also can compare any text files - Tools\Compare\Text Diff Viewer. You can select two files and see the differences highlighted.

Also, you can define a connection to CSV files through ODBC.
Or you may want to convert csv file to Excel and use our Excel connection type. Once connected you can use Data Compare functionality from the Tools\Compare menu. As a side option - you can use Import wizard to import data to new tables and then use Data Compare as well.

Hope that helps. Sorry that it is not detailed step by step, but I suppose you have to try any of these suggestions and ask any questions then.

this may be easier for you then difftools

I Think It’s Difficult to Compare Data with Toad. Try to Convert in CSV File Then Use Synkronizer Excel Add-in To Compare Multiple Files.