Data Compare - how to save results without having to use Synchro Wizard?

The Data Compare feature is fantastic, but unfortunately it is only useful when comparing a few tables at a time.

When comparing over 100 tables at once, not only is the resulting Synchro SQL too large to open in Toad (or any editor for that matter > 2gig), but I am not able to save the results themselves. I am forced to use the Synchro Wizard to create a massive SQL file, just so I can see the results at a glance - in some manner.

So what I mean is, the top part of the results after the compare finishes, the one that shows the Source Name, Target Name, Source Only, Target Only, Different, etc, cannot be saved to Excel, like the Data compare grid can.

I cannot even select the rows and copy&paste into Excel or Notepad.

Any chance of being able to export the results grid, without having to go into the Synchro Wizard to generate an SQL file that will take hours/days to analyse?


Hi Fernando,

It's been a while since your last post, thanks for returning back to our community!

I find this idea a very effective tool for SQL Devs dealing with so many tables at once. I have registered this idea in our in-house idea pond and connected it with this thread under the following ID: TSS-I-3.

We will look into examining more about it for some of the future releases of Toad for SQL Server. As soon as we consider this idea as our listed enhancement for the future release, and release number we will be updating this thread accordingly.

Hope this helps :slight_smile: