Data Compare Wizard Question

Can you set up a data compare without using the wizard? I can’t find any documentation, or I’m just not looking in the right place. Here is my heartburn with it - it would be nice if you could set up AND save a data comparison using the wizard without having to run it - especially annoying when you are setting up a data comparison that takes three hours to run and you have to wait until it is all finished and pray you can save the file without it hanging up.

Is there any way to set up and save a data comparison without using the wizard?

I'm not sure about your Toad version, but in the recent version you can save a project from New Comparison Wizard and press cancel to not run compare procress.

See screen attached.

My version does not have that button.

We will pick up this enhancement in the next release.


Thank goodness - what a pain to have to run a comparison with two tables with over 20 million records before you can even save it - another pain is having no choice but to let it run all over again before you can make any changes…

Hi BarnBrat,

Just curious do you really need to compare all 20 mil of rows?
You can apply a filter to take only needed rows in comparison, let’s say you can filter rows by datetime field or ID field - it may help straight away.