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Data dictionary on View



I am wondering if it is possible to generate data dictionaryfor the Views?

E.g. it lists all the attributes of the views as well as thedata type (e.g. Text or Numeric…etc), Like the cut down version of the datadictionary on table, instead of display everything, it displays the name of thefield and data type … etc

It would be very helpful to have that features.

Many Thanks


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Hello Chi,

I’m afraid we don’t understand. We’re sorry.

E.g. In Views, data types cannot be defined.

Could you please write us more details? Please try to explain us what you mean. Thanks!


Vladka + Mario



Thanks for your replay. Sorry about my English.

I would like to have some features which could generate datadictionary (a table) from VIEWs (which lists all the fields name on the VIEWs,it would be great if I could also has a column about where the informationrefer to as well). I do not know if it is possible in the reverse engineering process,it could analysis the views so it know how many fields are in the view.

E.g. VIEW dummySELECT t1.a , t1.b, t2.c FROM tbl1 t1 INNERJOIN tbl2 t2 WHERE t1.d = t2.d

VIEW dummy

Field Name tablefrom comment

A tbl1

B tbl1

C tbl2

Please let me know if you do not understand what I mean, I willtry to explain again.

Many thanks



Hello Chi,

Thanks for your explanation. Now we understand.

What you require is not possible now, however we will consider it for the TDM 3. CR # is 32 926.

Thanks for your great co-operation!

We look forward to your next ideas!


Vladka & TDM Team