VIEWs Attributes show on Workspace


I am wondering once TDM 3 is able to generate data dictionary for VIEWS(if it do). As on
the reply said, you will consider the suggestion.

I would like to have the same features on the model as well. Instead of displaying a VIEW as an object without any attribute. I would be grateful to see the attribute on the views on the model as well. Also would it be able to introduce another link type . e.g. virtual links for the view. At the moment, we are not able to links or draw any line which related to VIEWS.

I need to describe a database to allow my colleague to understand the database, as some of the views are just for look up purpose and some of the views have change the name of the attribute name on some of the table, therefore, i would be grateful to put a line to links the table and views together. Which make it easier for them to understand.

I understood that view is just a virtual entity and it do not have any primary key or foreign key property. Therefore this suggestion may not be useful at all.

Please let me know if you want me to explain more.

Many thanks


Hello Chi,

  1. Attributes in Views
    This function is not available at the moment and will not be in the near future. In any case, we will deal with it later.
    CR # 33 480.

  2. Virtual Link
    We will consider your request for the future. Again, please do not expect it to be implemented soon. Thanks for your patience.
    CR # 33 482.

At the moment, we are not able to links or draw any line which related to VIEWS.

Please feel free to use the Note Line. (See e.g. the Views Workspace of the sample model Videorental.) This might help.