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Data migration tool for two different platform.

Anyone has used toad data point to migrate data from SQL server database to oracle database. If you how to do that , if anyone has any idea kindly let me know. After taking the export of a particular SQL server data in flat file i am trying to import data in Oracle database but i am unable to it its giving me error. If anyone can help me on it.

With Toad Data Point you can use the import wizzard to select data from SQL Server and write it directly to Orcacle (no flat file step needed). Set up your Orcacle and SQL Server connections, while connected to Oracle (active connection), start the import wizzard. Then click on the Add query button, it will come up with a screen with source connection as Oracle, change that to the SQL server connection in the dropdown. Write your select sql or point to a file with the extract code in it then follow the next steps to preview, map, and extract into a new or existing table. I always save the import template (easier to fix rather than starting over). If you only want to use the flat file, what error message are you getting?

Thanks Greg for your reply,

I tried to import data from query only but as in SQL server table one of the column value is bit and while taking export its reading it as true or false but while importing the data in oracle side its taking it as “1” or “0” so currently its giving me error ,


Value ‘True’ at row #1 cannot be convert to type NUMBER(1) of column ISDEFAULT

Do you want to cancel the import and re-map the column? Click no to ignore the current error(s) and any additional errors and continue importing.

How to fix it can you please suggest. Thanks again.

A bit field should be 1 or 0 in SQL server or Oracle. Writting to the file may be causing the trouble as the bit field is getting translated to text as ‘True’ or ‘False’. You may need to put a case statement in your sql when 1 then 1 else 0 end, so it will write out the bit value and not translate. If the field actually has ‘True’ and ‘False’ as it values then you definitely need the case statement to make it 1 or 0 so it can import.