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Print large diagram to pdf

I want to print a large diagram to single page pdf file but when I create the pdf the resolution is horrible and the words are missing, the connection lines are thick.

I’ve tried using Cute PDF, Bullz PDF, PDF Create, Architecture PDF, PromPDF, AdobePDF and Microsoft XPS Document Writer.

I am following page setup options as per Toad recommedation (Leger, fit to page check box etc.)

I have reduced number of tables in model from 900 to 400.

I tried saving the model as binary as well as xml

I am usinv virtual machine fresh install, windows 7 service pack 1. ER diagram is generated from an SQL file and not a database. This is fresh install. Now I need the pdf to printed in one page.

The results are exactly the same in all situations. Anyone else run accross the problem before.

How large is the page you are printing to? If you are printing to an 8.5 x 11 piece of paper then you won’t be able to fit much more than 10-20 objects there without losing resolution.

I have managed to successfully print the page (960 tables) on a 1682x2376 setting on page setup. So I guess I got it to work. I used Customize instead of “Ledger”.

Thank you for you reply.