Data Modeler Sync & Convert Wizard generating LOB differences

Hi all - having a problem I can’t quite figure out. I’m using the data modeler Sync & Convert wizard to find differences in the data model as compared to the Oracle 10G database we have. Right now, it is seeing that our LOBS physical storage is different… and it generates this on the left side (from the data model):

CHUNK 8192)
CHUNK 8192)

But sees nothing on the right side, so it thinks it needs to change this. I can’t find any options that get the data model to not see this as a difference. Any ideas from anyone out there? Thanks so much.

Cool tool, by the way - just trying to figure out how to make it work for us.


Not to get this difference shown, in Sync & Convert wizard, step Select Object Types, click Detailed Settings | Entities | Physical Properties- uncheck (see the screenshot).

I hope you will find Toad Data Modeler even better than you initially thought it to be.
Please, feel free to ask any questions or suggest anything you may find interesting or useful.


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Sync & Convert wizard screenshot.

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