Sync & Convert performance


The S&C dialog that shows you the comparison between objects in the Source and Destination is amazingly slow.

If I click on an item to expand (eg Entities) nothing happens for minutes before it finally expands. Expanding a single entity then takes ages as well.
For example, expanding the triggers part of the entity took 2 minutes, during which time nothing happens (the cursor doesn’t even change to busy). Clicking, say on the scroll bar, causes the entire window to go white.

I appreciate there are many changes in this model, but this time should be reduced to a few seconds.


Hello Malcolm,

Thanks for your feedback.
We keep working on it. Convertor a year ago and now is a completely different thing. (We believe you would agree that now it’s much better and faster. :wink: )
We do continue in the process of improving it. At the moment I don’t have a particular solution/advice for you, I’m sorry. I have to ask you for patience.
Thanks very much.


Vladka + TDM Team


now with Toad Data Modeler 5.1 and a database schema with about 1100 Tables the Sync & Convert Wizard is complete unusable. Every klick on a difference takes about 140 seconds! Are there some tipps and tricks available for the work with really big models?



Hi, comparison of large models is difficult, especially due to the fact that you are not comparing two databases, but models where domains can be used, used application variables needs to be evaluated etc. We plan to add features for easier comparison, partial model comparison and improve the user-experience, but there always will be limitations.

Tips: try to compare only objects you modified, e.g. only tables and remove all procedures, functions and other object types from the comparison (in wizard).

Thank you for your feedback!

Any news about partial model comparison ?

We are comparing against database a model with 100 tables in avg and it’s taking about 4 minutes to complete a total compare.