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Data Point 3.8 Locks up and needs to be end tasked


After upgrading Toad Data Point to version 3.8 I am having an issue where a “ding” is heard and the program locks up, as if a modal dialog becomes active that I cannot see. I tried clicking around, performing Alt-Tab, and tried getting to the program’s context menu, none of which works or gets me access back to the program. After clicking a number of times, a “ding” is heard on each click, which again sounds like a modal dialog is supposed to be visible, but I do not see any.

I have no way of getting a support bundle created or log any kind of error messages, so I am unsure where to go with this. I also have not found a way to reproduce the issue. When it happened this last time, I was just looking at code when it happened, so I was not touching the application in any way.

Thank you for your help.



How often does this happen?

Did the application have focus when this occurred?

what type of connection do you use?

What were you last doing in TDP?

Next time it happens can you post a full screenshot of the frozen app. Sometimes I can see tail-tell signs of something that might help.

Note: The main thing that can occur is that you have a query that is paused (not all rows retrieved). When this happens we do periodically show a dialog that cautions the user that the table might be locked from this pause and if you want to keep it paused. You could experiment with changing you editor settings to always retrieve all rows. this is just an idea and may or may not be the issue. I agree that no dialog should lock up the program.

Hi Debbie,

Thank you for the quick reply. I thought I would try to turn off my secondary monitor (I have a dual monitor setup). When I did, Toad then had white boxes with red Xs in them. It also looks like there is a spot in the middle of the application where a dialog is supposed to be (you can see an outline where the background is offset). I attached two pictures, one showing the whole window, and another with a blue outline of where I see the offset).

It happened yesterday, and it may have happened the day before, but I can’t remember. It only seems to be about once a day, but both times I may have been working with explain plans, which might help.

The application did have focus, and after the “ding” sound, it continued to have focus. Nothing visible changed, just the “ding”, and then the application was unclickable.

I opened up the explain plan, and then I was reading through the code to find possible optimizations. At the time of the “ding”, I was only reading, not clicking or dragging on anything.

I did have an editor that was paused (you can see it in the screenshots) but this happens very often without any issues. Usually I get a rollback or commit message. That appears to be working normally (I had one pop up a few minutes before the lock-up, presumably because of the paused query.

Thanks again for your help with this. If there’s anything I can provide, please let me know.

The red X is clearly an out of memory error. We can verify this. can you restart TDP and go to the Help menu and generate a support bundle and post this? There are a couple of files I need to look at. Mainly the ToadSupportBundleToad Data Point.txt and ExceptionTrace.log files

Hi Debbie,

There is a ton of information in this support bundle that I would rather not have posted on this site. Is there an email address I can send this bundle directly to?

Thanks again!

Sure. Can you open a support case and give it to them? Support is very helpful in helping me help others. Tell them to open a subcase and send to me. Also reference this post.

Thank you for your help with this Debbie. I have submitted a support case. I did it online and forgot to mention opening a sub-case. I did reference this post though. The Service Request number is 3159691.

Thank you again.

Debbie P. - A subcase 3159691-1 was created.

The requested items have been posted in the attachments section.

I looked at your files today. The error logs show that we are trying to display an error message but the operating system is having issues displaying the window. As a work around change your settings to only message in the tray. This will avoid the popup. I have attached a picture of how to do this in the settings.