Data Point 4.3 Window 10 task list

I have scheduled automation scripts are missing from the job manager task list. I saw those missing scheduled jobs previously in the task list. My first thought was those jobs might be deleted so I did reschedule them but seems like even rescheduled jobs won’t be appeared in the task list. Can anyone help?

Please open windows Task Scheduler - Task Scheduler Library, check if you scheduled jobs from TDP are there, if they are, go to Toad Job Manager tick server name on left hand and click refresh, do they appear?

this box was checked. The problem is I can see pretty much all of them but few are missing. I thought about filter too but it turns out not the case.

so these missing items are in Task Scheduler - Task Scheduler Library but not in TDP list, right? then is there any special for those missing scheduled script? are they built or migrated from TDP previous version? e.g TDP 4.2, or any special thing could cause this issue.