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Scheduled tasks not showing in Job Manager

Lately I’ve been having some issues with some automated reports. When I look in Windows 7 Task Scheduler I see that the problem reports are returning the (0xE0434F4D) error in Last Run Result in Task Scheduler.

I decided to walk through Debbie’s blog entry about troubleshooting Automation issues.

When I open Job Manager in TOAD none of my previously scheduled automation scripts are displayed. When I open up one of my automation script files (*.tas) and click schedule to edit or update the schedule options I get “The tasks has been configured with an unsupported combination of account settings and run time options.”

I haven’t changed anything about these tasks. They ran fine last week, but have started throwing errors recently.

Anybody have any clue to what may be going on? They run fine when I manually trigger them, but don’t when they are supposed to be trigger by time thresholds.

I would create an new task with default settings and see it that will kick off ok. The first thing to suspect is the password. Resetting this may do the trick. The next thing to look into is any changes to your permissions.


I did notice that the jobs that threw that error were no longer listed in my C:\Windows\Tasks folder on my hard drive. In addition, in the properties of the problem jobs under -->General–> Configure for:" Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2" was selected; versus “Windows Server 2003, Windows XP, or Windows 2000.” for the jobs that were still running as scheduled

I have never seen that option before. Does checking the correct OS fix the issue? If so I’ll need to update my blog.


Actually checking the correct OS for windows 7 seems to be the thing that “corrupts” the scheduled job. I was looking to add additional parameters from the task schedule options directly under windows (ie the ability to resume if scheduled run was missed, etc.) Those are options that are not presented when I first schedule the task from TOAD.

I ended up re-scheduling the tasks in TOAD just so I can get them to run again. I’ll try building them from scratch from the Task Scheduler in windows to see if that changes anything.