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New job schedules will not execute


I’m running TDP 4.0 on MS SQL Server Datacenter R2 with a connections to Oracle. I have approximately 90 automations scheduled at various times. Yesterday I created a new automation to export the results from a query to Excel and setup a schedule. I then tried to run the job from the job manager manually. The status in Job Manager changed to running but the tray icon for Toad did not appear. I checked the request in the Task Scheduler and it stated the task was triggered and started so I let it run. I have the timeout set to one hour and after the one hour the task ended. There was no log file created and no output from the request.

I submitted the automation manually to confirm the automation was not the issue. It completed in 5 minutes and created the expected log file and output. I tried again to run the automation from the Job Manager and had the same issue - the log file was not updated and no file was created.

I then ran another scheduled request manually from the Jon Manager and it ran as expected. I changed an existing automation that has been working and created a schedule. When submitting from the Job Manager I had the same issue where it said it was running but timed out with no log file or output.

It appears that my existing schedules will execute but I am unable to execute any new ones. Has anyone else encountered this issue? Is there a way I can determine the root cause?