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Scheduled tasks stopped running

Good afternoon,

Recently our company pushed out the full version of TDA 3.1 to our machines to upgrade from 2.7. I was running the 3.2 Beta version on my machine for the last few months. My scripts were running fine on 3.2 Beta and ran as scheduled. However, since I made the switch to the full version of 3.1 I cannot get them to run as scheduled. A few of them did not successfully convert to 3.1 so I had to delete and rebuild them essentially. Now, none of my tasks will run when scheduled. I can run them manually using the “test” option, however once I schedule them, they do not run. The Job Manager shows the last successful run once the new scheduled time hits, however when I look at the log file, it reflects the previous time the process was run and does not contain any log info for the “new” occurrance.

I uninstalled all previous versions of TOAD from my machine, including the new 3.1 version, then re-installed 3.1 again today and still didn’t have any luck.

Any ideas?

Are the scheduled jobs run on a server? I have heard of this behavior when they install on a win server. In this case the automation scripts were not run by the same logid as when they ran test. This user did not have the connections defined and so the scripts did not successfully connect.

Could this be your issue? If not please post a screen shot of the windows tasks. Also are the log files being created for these runs? Is there anything helpful in the script?