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DATA POINT is very slow to respond.

DATA POINT 3.3 is very slow to respond in most places especially when in the Editor window. So slow, I’ve had to use Task Manager to get out. Anyone have this same issue or a solution?

Yes. I agree. Running Win 7/64bit with 20gb ram, it seems to struggle at times. I think it’s too GUI heavy.

I see users have this comment when they are connected to a very large database. Go to the options and turn off Code Completion. It sounds like it is getting in your way.

BTW, what database type are you using?

We’re using Oracle 11g.

I tried turning off Code Completion. What’s happening now is I ran a script, got the results but then DP just hangs there. can’t click on anything, can’t close it, can’t do anything but shut it down via task manager. very frustrating.

We are not seeing any kind of general speed issues with TDP 3.3 (or TDA 3.1) and we regularly work with 120+ million row tables in a remote (>5000 miles) Oracle 11gR1 database. TDP is running on WinXP, Win7 32 & 64, 4 to 16 GB RAM. Some workstations have the Oracle client installed.

Check and see if the read-only grid option is selected. It should be. Some Oracle environments have an issue if this option is not selected.

Thanks Deb. I checked this and it is checked for read only.

If you still have slowness in the editor can you open up a support case and ask them to set up a webex with development. I need to see what is occurring. I assume you are using the new release of TDP 3.4?

I am also experiencing this issue. I have found that it seems to be related to the amount of work I have done using TDP. Almost like the garbage collection isn’t working and the xml file behind TDP is filling up, thus TDP needs more and more time to sort through the trash to find the good stuff. I have noticed the problem mostly when I try to open an Export Wizard object or open a SQL Script in a programming window. Gotta get this fixed as I’m about to go looking for a new automation tool.

I’m using TDP 3.2 on a Windows XP laptop.

That is going to be difficult to debug as .net 4.5 wont’ install on XP and you cannot upgrade to the latest version of TDP. We are on version 3.6. I am not sure how I can help in such an old version of TDP.

To Mark’s point earlier “I have found that it seems to be related to the amount of work I have done using TDP.”, I have found that with extensive use I lose the ability to copy/paste in the Editor and the only way to get copy/paste to work again is by clear my temp files. I am using 3.6 Pro and this just happened to me last week.

The slow down is most prominent on the Export Wizard object when I try to create a new template or edit an old template. (It is also really slow about saving the template.). The other object that it is really slow on is the Run SQL Script. It takes forever to load the script into a programming window. The objects that just do OS level operations, like copy file send email, function satisfactorily. This is why I believe it has to do with anything that intensively hits the xml behind the UI.

I would be happy to investigate further any slows in the application by way of support. Please be on the latest version of TDP and open a ticket with support. We can then set up a webex and have some developers see first hand what is occurring.