Oracle Performance With TDP

Hello all!

I’m looking at possibly switching to TDP for queries running on an Oracle Exadata platform with >10million records. I’ve had some significant performance issues with SQL Developer.

What can I expect with TDP?


Personally, I will take Toad Data Point over SQL Developer any day, but that being said, performance is probably more an issue of the SQL query itself, the data in the tables and the structure of the database. Post your query and some information about the tables (relationship, indexes, keys, etc.) and other will be able to help you more.

There is a difference in performance depending on what you are using to retrieve the data. IE: JDBC, ODBC, .Net with OCI client, TDP/IP, etc. i would suggest you download TDP and use 64-bit instant OCI client and see how it goes for you. We serialize large result sets to disk so the size of your results is not a problem, we will not run out of memory. The length of your rows will also affect performance.

Using TDP every day with toad for Oracle expert edition for complex queries.

Over 120 production databases , 4 datamarts…

Why Oracle expert edition ? Because of SQL Optimizer, a really “must have” !

An very happy power user !