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Toad Data Point Performance issue

We recently received a new p.c. due to a Windows 10 upgrade which came with Toad Data Point 4.3 connecting to an Oracle database (OraClient11g (64 bit)) . I previously used Rapid SQL and find the performance with Toad very slow.

I compared a create table statement on different machines using Oracle SQL Developer and Toad was consistently 2.5x slower on a relatively simple query. Is there any way to improve the performance of Toad?

Coincidental that I was just helping someone who had the opposite problem... SQL Developer a little slow, and TDP a bit faster.

Could be many factors.... a few come to mind:

  • First and foremost, please upgrade to the latest version of TDP: 5.1.4
  • Is your TDP bitness the same as your Oracle client? 32-bit TDP can actually run against an Oracle database with a 64-bit client (it's the only Toad with some "bridge" logic for this) but there could be some performance issues because of the bitness differential
  • You're using the native client for your connections, and not ODBC?