Database Browser - can you open more than one table?

I can’t seem to figure out how to open more than one table in the Database Browser. Anytime you either right-click or left-click on a table, that particular table shows in the Database Browser.

Here’s a scenario:

  1. Open a table in the Database Browser
  2. Right-click on another table and attempt to send it to a New Window
  3. Observe that the table opened in Step #1 has been replaced by the table you right-clicked on in Step #2.

Is there an option somewhere to change this behavior?

Ok, if you either first send the first table to a new window and then click on the second table you will be find. Secondly if you still insist on right clicking on the second table to send it to a new window, just click on the first table again and you will also see both of them.


Fantastic! Thank you so much.