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How to view objects in separate windows?


In TOAD for DataPoint (Data Analysts) when viewing an object’s details a new window would always appear. In TOAD for SQLsrv, the same window is “refreshed” with the new object’s details instead of a new window appearing. Is there an option to overide this?

By ‘window’ I mean a panel (or TAB) within the TOAD IDE.

Thank you


Please check this option: Tools\Options\Explorer\General\Use object details to display details.

You can also inspect the ‘Double-click behavior’ radiobutton at the same section, you may like to change default value.


HI Alex,

I am a dumb-ass, but what do you mean by “Tools\Options\Explorer\General\Use Object”?

There is no such option.

The options I see are as shown in the attached image


It is ok, see screen attached.


Thanks Alex. But the problem still persists. I already had that option set.

I don’t think I made myself clear.

What is happening is this …

  • Open a new connection to database
  • Expand “Tables”
  • Click on a table to View Details (not Alter table)
  • Now double-click on another table.
  • The 2nd table’s details are overwritten on the same tab as the 1st table.

What I want is a new window to show up so I can switch between windows.

What is happening is the same window that I used to view details about the first table is updated with the 2nd table I clicked.

In the old TOAD for Data Analysts, this was not the case. I would be able to double-click the table (or any other object), and a totally NEW tab or window would appear.

I hope this made it clear.


I found the “answer” on another forum …





That is poor.

So if it “works” it works?

Gee… why not stuff the code more then with comment lines, more white space and brackets all over the place?

I don’t think Apple would be where they are at, with that approach.

cest la vie


Hi TecNQ,

as far as I can understand your question, you are looking for a way to open object details?
would you please take a look what we offer in Toad for SQL Server:
Initially you have Object Explorer which list database objects in a few possible views.
Once you have selected object(s) you can following options in the context menu

  1. View Details (item on top of the context menu) opens Details Viewer which always show details for selected item in Object Explorer.
  2. Send To > New Window will open TAB with detailed information for each selected item in Object Explorer
  3. Send To > Object Details will open pane at the bottom with detailed information for each item from Object Explorer

I believe last two may work for you. Let me know if it helped.


Hi Valentine,

I tried the last two options you mentioned and that is a “work around”, but it’s not really a solution.

Lets say there is a clean work area.

I open a table and right-click VIEW DETAILS.

No problem. I can see details of the table.

Now if I even click once on another object to view, the first window is over-written with the details of that 2nd object.

If I now right-click to open it in a new window, I now have two windows with the same object details.