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Duplicate option

Hi I’ve been using an older version of Toad Professional and recently went to Toad Data Point 3.4. I’ve accessed all my databases and tables but I cant figure out how to duplicate a single row? Usually you can right click on a row and see that option. Also wondering how you can view multiple databases or tables at the same time. I’m not seeing a option to open a new schema? Any help is appreciated.

There is a way to view multiple tables, by right clicking a table and selecting Send To->New Window or Object Details. The former will make a new Database Explorer tab that views the selected table, and the later will make a new object details window. As for a second schema, you could go to the View Menu -> Object Explorer and have that alongside the Navigation Manager, but you could only have one of the Object Explorer at a time.

I will ask about duplicating a single row.

Thanks I ended up figuring out the multiple table issue. I appreciate the help with duplicating a row as I’ve been looking everywhere and haven’t found an answer. I’m beginning to think its not an option.

Looks like we may have accidentally removed it at some point. I made an issue to see if we can bring this back, QAT-2423

Actually, could this be what you are talking about?


Unfortunately no…I’m referencing the same duplicate row option present in Toad for Oracle when you right click on a row.