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TOAD vs 64bit version of Oracle database

Hi Everybody!

I have kind of annoying issue with TOAD installation in our company. I have been given a task to install TOAD right on server running 64nit version of Oracle database.

Here is the detailed setup:

Server Windows 2003 64bit standard
Oracle database (64bit for windows)
TOAD 32bit version 9.7

Here are my problems:

The TOAD did not start, because it was missing oci.dll. I realized that there might be a problem of TOAD not being friendly with 64bit version od Oracle database. Or at least this version of TOAD we have. So I installed 32bit Oracle client as well to get over this problem. It was working fine and TOAD can actually connect the running database instance without any problems. BUT … there is one problem. Only direct connect is actually working. If I use the information stored in tnsnames.ora file so it says the TOAD could not resolve given SID. I have the same tnsnames.ora in both oracle homes (database and client). Listener is running fine. tnsping is also working fine. As soon as I choose oracle client home in TOAD and I try to connect via tnsnames.ora so it does not work. There is no mess in sqlnet.ora files. I have nothing else there but NAMES.DIRECTORY_PATH= (TNSNAMES).

Anyone experiencing the same problem ?