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Database development procedure


We are using the Toad modeler and Oracle as our database development environment. There are several enviornments(development, testing, production), we have multiple release working in parallel. For example, there may several drops for each Release in development environment, we need to consolidate these into one drop to testing environment. Meanwhile, we would like the keep the consistence between the model and the production database. We are using SVN as the version control system.

Toad modeler has the function of reverse enginnering, generate DDL, merge model and etc, which makes it a good tool for such development. Is there any best practice of the procedure or toturial for such database development using Toad modeler, version control and database system?


Hello mail8mz,

Toad Data Modeler has several ways how to synchronize your model with database. If you use svn and if you have more models or sql script, I recommend use Project. Project can be set as version control project with subversion supports and project can group more models or other files. You can use subversion outside project too, but you need set settings in Main Menu - Settings - Options - Version Control System. Models stored in Working Directory will have accessible functions for svn (Add, Commit, Update…).

For Synchronize Existing model with database you can use operations from main menu:

  • “Model - Update Model from Database” (Update Model)

  • “Model - Generate Change Script” (Update Database)

You can compare and merge two models too, by operation “Model - Merge Models”

For more information see section media “”, there are more usefully documents.

If you have some more specific questions, don’t hesitate contact us.


Hi Daril,

Would you please confirm the link of section media? I have access deny error.

Thanks for your help!


link above should not contains quotation marks. Please go to the section Media from the top menu or use this link



Thanks a lot!