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Database Explorer refresh in 5.0


Database Explorer refresh in 5.0


Henrik. here is what I’ve determined from the latest build (.370)

I created a view that just has one row and column, SELECT GETDATE() AS GetDate
for testing.

On the object pane, I select the view and see the value for the column on the
Data tab. If the focus is still on the table in the object pane, when I click
refresh, the Data tab refreshes, meaning I get an updated timestamp. But if I
take the focus off the object, by clicking in the data pane, then click the
refresh button I do NOT get a fresh timestamp. If I click on the view name again
in the object pane first, refresh appears to work.

Knowing this does help. I often work in the Data tab, sorting, grouping,
editing, adding, deleting, etc. I just need to remember to click the object name
again before refreshing.