Refresh Problem in TOAD 16.2

Hi guys,

I found a refresh issue in TOAD 16.2.

Following scenario:

  • Display the content of an emty table in the schema browser (yes, do so!)
  • Switch to the editor, fire an insert statement + commit for this table
  • Switch back to the schema browser
  • Klick "Refresh the detail panel (right side of browser)"

Nothing refreshes! The inserted data is not displayed. You have to refresh LHS and navigate back to your table to see the new data.

I hope you can reproduce and fix that issue.

Best regards,Rainer

Hi Rainer,

For me, it refreshed, but I think I have seen this before. What sometimes happens is that the table becomes unselected on the left. Then when you hit "Refresh detail panel" it doesn't do anything because nothing is selected. An easier workaround may be to just click the next table, then back to your original table (or maybe you can just click your original table again) and then refresh.

Another thing that would be easier is to just hit the refresh button on the toolbar on the data tab.

Is that what happened for you? The table on the LHS became unselected (even though it is still showing on the right?)


Hi John,

because of the timeshift I was already far away from Oracle an TOAD when you answered on Friday. I preferred Heavy Metal an beer at this time. And now it's Monday and the issue doesn't appear anymore... :pleading_face:

I'll keep an eye on that and will inform you when I find a reproducable scenario. Thanks for your workaround!

Best regards,Rainer.

Hi Rainer,

See what a little heavy metal and beer can do?

Rock on.


So I will do :grinning: :metal: