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Database Monitor Graph upper and lower limits

Can there be upper and lower bounds for each graph in the Database Monitor? I frequently get large negative or positive values that cause the 'common/normal' range to be shrunk to the point of the graph being indistinguishable from a straight line and with the scale being unreadable.


Short answer is no, not that I'm aware of. However, we do something I think is even better than binding the min/max values... on any part of the graphs you can drag your mouse diagonally to form a box that zooms in on any portion of the graph.

Also note that you can export the data values for further analysis with an analytics tool or Excel.
Hope this helps.

What Gary said. (Thanks Gary) Dragging of a rectangle is a good way to zoom. To Undo the zoom, draw a rectangle up and out of the top-left corner of the chart.

Thank you for the timely suggestion. It does work as described with the limitation that the original scale returns when the scheduled Query Interval reoccurs. While you have provided a work around, I would suggest that different people desire a different behavior and therefore the ability to enter bounds (which are retained over each connection) for each graph still seems to be a reasonable enhancement.

How far out of range are the large values that you're seeing? If they are extremely out of range, then maybe we could just ignore them completely without you having to configure each graph for each connection.

will you export your charts to excel (rt-click to do that) and send it to me so I can see the data (not chart image, but data)? send to