There is also "pin data grids":

  • Editor: Added ability to pin data grids (after F9 or CTRL+Enter). Look for the pin icon on the toolbar above the grid.

Could you post an image showing this?


Here's a quick video:


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So, what gets pinned? Is it the full result set including what has not yet been pulled down (i.e., "more rows exist") that can be paged in later, or is it just what is already in the grid?

The entire datagrid and underlying query get moved to a new tab. You can still scroll down, edit, export to Excel - anything you can do with a non-pinned grid should work.

Excellent. Sounds great. That is definitely something that I will use.

I'm glad to hear that. It's been requested a couple of times. Please give it a try while it's still in beta and let us know what you think. There is still a little time before we need to start wrapping things up for 17.0.

Yeah, um, well, no. My company IT folks will not install a Beta version of any software no matter how much I beg and plead. I can only ever get an annual update of software versions besides Windows patches. I actually decided to skip 16.3 to wait for 17.0. There is also the government side where their different enclaves have different versions of TOAD one of which is only v.12. It is next to impossible to get all of these synchronized. At least, we have not succeeded so far.


Ah, yeah I think you've mentioned this to me before. No problem. We tested it pretty well, but I haven't received any feedback on it from a real-life user.


I think I've found an issue with the new pin feature. I have a tab which contains pinned grids (I pin 2 result sets to lock the content of them). If I press the create new tab (sql or pl/sql, it doesn't matter), the data content of all pinned grids will be closed. The content of the Default grid remains unchanged.

+1 idea for pinned grids: can you add an option to close also with middle mouse click? thanks.

Hi Tamas.

Bug fixed, idea added (without an option, since other tabs in Toad already work that way). Really, I think you have 2 bugs listed here.

Thanks for reporting this.


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