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Database Schema Compare - error


I’m trying to compare database objects in two different databases – same version of Oracle, but different character sets. I’m running the comparison through the Schema comparison, against a filtered (but long) list of objects.

Toad seems to think a lot of the views are mismatches, which matches some errors we found independently before I tried using Toad’s schema compare – but Toad seems to think virtually every view is wrong, while our errors seem to be more isolated. I’m having trouble identifying specific differences in views that Toad says are mismatched – they appear to me to be identical.

Here’s the real bug report – in trying to figure out what’s really going on, I did a compare with “Format before comparison” turned on. With that option checked, I can’t get the compare to complete. I get the following error consistently:

Access violation at address 230EF8E3 in module ‘QP5.dll’. Write of address 00000000

Any ideas?

Toad (with DB Admin Module) running on Windows 7 Enterprise 64-bit, 6G RAM.

Database is Oracle


Hi Earl,

Often in this case, the difference is either line feeds or column datatypes . I
have seen cases where the view’s column datatype in dba_tab_columns does
not exactly match the underlying table’s column datatype . Neither of
these will show up in the side-by-side viewer when you try to look at the
difference details.

Try this: On the “Object Types to Compare”, uncheck “Column
Prec /Scale.” On the “Object Type Specific Options”, under
“PL/SQL Objects”, check “Exclude whitespace”.

As for your “format before comparison” option, it sounds like the
formatter doesn’t like one of the views. If you find out which one, we can
fix it…or if you want, just send me the script to create your schema and I
will find it. You can send it to me directly – .