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Result messages have changed; how to reset?

After running update or delete SQL, I would get messages that told me the number of rows affected. Now messages does not include that information. How to change options to include number of rows affected? Thanks

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I'm not able to reproduce.... see snap below for my quick test in TDP 5.4. What version of TDP are you on? Where were you looking before for the Rows Affected?


I am on version (64 bit).
I can see rows updated using the text output, but I would rather see the message rows affected like you have above in your snip.
The column headers I see are; Category, Timestamp, Duration, Line, Position.
How can I add the "Message" column?
Thanks for your help.

Hi - If you r-mouse click on the column headers you will see a 'column/band chooser' option and you can select other fields like 'message'

Wonderful! Thanks so much!