Datapoint not generating detail report on matching comparison data

Hello all,

Trying to use Datapoint to compare data found in a custom Oracle interface (my source) to data in a MS SQL Server (my target). When the data is present on the MS target server, then delete it from the Oracle source interface (as it means the regular process failed to do it as it should – I have no control over that process). I did a similar script in the past where, if the data was not present in the target database then use the detail report to create the interface flat file and send it once again, so I thought I would reuse the same approach but delete when same data is found. I cannot simply wipe the interface as it may contain other information needing to be transferred as well.

Here is how I created the comparison:

And this works as expected; it finds the 11 test records I had put on my test system but the problem is that i twill not generate the detail report I expected it to generate; instead, it is giving me this message:

So even though I set the comparison to only report on data found in both databases, Datapoint will not generate the detail report :

If I set it to report on missing data, then it works:

So I cannot use the detail report to gather the data and delete it from the source table.

I am looking either for someone to help me alter this behavior and get the desired resource, or offer an alternative way for me to delete the data from the source table once it finds that it exists on the target one.

Thank you!


I could not find a way to get the matching comparing data in detail report either. I have created a task QAT-13016 to follow this issue.


Lyla Su

Hello Lyla,

any news on this task on Jira? Or any way I can follow this task on Jira? I tried creating an account but it won’t let me?

Also, can Datapoint insert the detail comparison records in the source database instead of a static report (like Excel)? That would allow greater flexibility to manage the output and use it as a source for other tasks.

Thank you

We have scheduled the fix for the report for the next release but is it hard to say when it would get into beta. The shortest fix is to include the matching records. To add inserting comparison values into a database would be a different and longer enhancement.