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DB explorer - looking at tables



I am using v6.1.1.1105, having upgraded from 3.1.

In using the DB explorer, I picked a schema from ‘Other Schemas’ and see some of my tables. The problem is, I do not see all of my tables. I have to in Partitioned tables as well. Is there a way to undo this?

I use Toad as well, and this does not happen. My users have called several times asking for this or the other table, only to find out that it is a partitioned table. As a user of SQL Navigator, why should I care that my table is partitioned or not?





You can use

  1. the “DB Explorer” (F12). It doesn’t have the filter DB explorer has but has the tables all in one place.

2. “Find Objects” (Ctl+Alt+O) :slight_smile: