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DB link between Oracle 8i and 11g


My requirement is to create DB link between Oracle 8i and 11g.

as mentioned in interopertability matric connectivity between 8i to 11g is not supported, workaround is to create one intermidiate database of 10g .

is there any other workaround like can ODBC or JDBC (JDBC thin driver) connectivity is possible between 8i and 11g.



According to Metalink’s Document 207303.1, both configurations Client 8i to Server 11g, and Client 11g to Server 8i are unsupported combinations, and should not be used.

“Unsupported combinations may appear to work but can encounter errors for particular operations. The fact that they appear to work should not be relied upon. Issues on unsupported combinations will not be investigated.”

If you have access to Metalink, check that document out.

Specifically, if you attempt to connect from to, your result is error ORA-03134 “connections to this server version are no longer supported.”

ODBC should also have problems. Maybe, just maybe try with jdbc drivers …jdbc-odbc bridge is a jdbc driver required to connect java application to the specified database. Using this driver the java calls are converted to the odbc calls and then are referred…but this is far away from mine scope of knowledge.