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Toad 9.5 suports Oracle DB 11g ?.


Hi !. My name is Agustin… I would like to know if Oracle 11g is supported by Toad 9.5 ?. Because I open it and it says to me that no Oracle Client are installed when I have stablish a connection through my Oracle JDeveloper 12c IDE… I recently thought that it may be due an tns names issue (such as not detecting the file)… What configuration should be done in order to get my toad app detects Oracle 11g in case it supports it ?..


P.D.: Maybe there are things or details I should post… If anything is missing in order for anyone to give an asnwer pls post… I will be checking the post…


This link might help.


Oracle 8i -> Toad >= 6.1 (6.5 DBA module)
Oracle 9i -> Toad >= 7.0
Oracle 10gR1-> Toad >= 7.5
Oracle 10gR2-> Toad >= 9.0
Oracle 11gR1->Toad >= 9.5
Oracle 11gR2->Toad >= 10.1
Oracle 12c >Toad >= 12 (not sure 100%!)
So according your question (regardless it is not clear which Oracle release -R1 or R2 you are talking about) you might use use 9.5 on 11gR1.

What configuration should be done in order to get my toad app detects Oracle 11g.

Here is official Oracle compatibility matrix (taken from Oracle support, hope not violating any policy)
24-12-2013- 12-26-36.png

Specific Notes:

  • #1 - See Note:207319.1
  • #2 - An ORA-3134 error is incorrectly reported if a 10g client tries to connect to an or lower server. See Note:3437884.8 .
  • #3 - An ORA-3134 error is correctly reported when attempting to connect to this version.
  • #4 - There are problems connecting from a 10g client to 8i/9i where one is EBCDIC based. See Note:3564573.8
  • #5 - For connections between 10.2 (or higher) and 9.2 the 9.2 end MUST be at or higher. Connections between 10.2 (or higher) and, or have never been supported.
  • #6 - For connections between 11.1 (or higher) database server and 10.1 / 10.2 database server across a database link the 10g end MUST be at / (or higher) respectively in order to use PLSQL between those versions. (This does not apply to normal 11g clients to 10g database server only server to server and a few very specific client products, such as Oracle Forms). See Note:4511371.8 for more details.
  • #7 - For database link connections between 11.1 (or higher) and 10.2 the 10g end MUST be at (or higher) in order to use PLSQL between those versions. See Note:4511371.8 for more details.
  • #8 - Attempting to connect from 9.2 to 12.1 will fail with an “ORA-28040: No matching authentication protocol” error.
    General Notes:
  1. For database links between different Oracle versions connections must be supported in BOTH directions in the matrix above.
    eg: As 11.2 -> 10.1 is not supported then database links between these version are not supported in either direction.
  2. Unsupported combinations may appear to work but can encounter errors for particular operations. The fact that they appear to work should not be relied upon - issues on unsupported combinations will not be investigated.
  3. Since new database servers are compatible with a limited set of older OCI clients, it may not be necessary to upgrade the client software when upgrading the database. However, some new features may not work without upgrading the client software. For example, an Oracle 10.2 client is able to connect to an 11.2 database, but is not able to take advantage of newer features such as Client Result Cache (introduced in 11.1).
  4. Oracle Applications , or other Oracle products, may have supported configurations not listed in the matrix above.
  5. The matrix above also applies between different platforms and between 32/64 bit releases of Oracle client / server except where any Oracle platform desupport notice indicates otherwise .
  6. Unix BEQUEATH (BEQ) connections are NOT supported between different releases. eg: Client 10.2 is not supported to make an Oracle Net connection to a 11.2 server using the BEQ protocol adapter regardless of the interoperability support listed above. See Note:364252.1 for more details.


Oracle 11g is NOT supported by Toad 9.5. Please consider upgrading to the latest Toad version. Thanks!



I think you are not right.


So please look in your official statement which was recommended by Bert

If thes is also wrong please let me know correct Toad/Oracle version compatibility because I teach people according mentioned picture.


Toad 9.5 will connect to 11g and should work fine, but if there is some specific 11g feature that you want to use in Toad, you might have to get a newer Toad.

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please look in your official statement…/Toad_2D00_History_2D00_12.png

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I just recently read Bert’s comment and … hm … pretty confused on this Toad compatibility matrix.

It would be nice to gt some proper blog on this subject. THX in advance to all who will participate in that.
Seems that two columns must exists: “working with” and “fully compatible”




Do we really need to rewrite this material in another blog? The release notes for each version are probably the best place to look.



If you ask me I think yes, especially according mine two questioned mentioned before “work with” and “fully compatible”. And if you find wrong (misleading documents) then things might only get worse … and interpreted in wrong way (as a bug or missing feature)

People do not want to pay new versions if they do not have to (excuse me this is mostly true) and want to know what can they get the best for they money.

Nut this is mine solo thinking … all the best in 2014 …

Damir Vadas


The release notes are produced when the software is produced. That’s why I believe them to be more accurate than a blog that might be written years later.

We seem to have gotten off topic though.

Regarding the original post (Agustin) - If you installed a 64 bit Oracle client, you’ll need to install a 32 bit client for Toad 9.5.


Agustin, please see if recommendation by John Dorlon helps you connect to the database.

For the Oracle 11g ( assuming R2) official support, earliest Toad version is 10.1.

Please use the “Compare Features” link available on the Toad for Oracle Home Page on Toad world, to see the new features added since the previous Toad versions. You may be surprised to see what all has changed.



hi all . i have installed oracle 11g and toad 12.6 , both 64 bit version . but while connecting it says no 32 bit oracle client found on the system , please install atleast one 32 bit client version and then try… what is this all about. pls help


If Toad is asking for a 32 bit client, then I think you might have accidentally installed a 32 bit Toad. You can verify under Help -> Support Bundle. Right at the top, it will say if Toad is either 32 or 64 bit.