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DB2 client for Spotlight

I have installed Toad for DB2 and it has automatically installed DB2 client and I could set up a new connection. Everything is fine. However, when I install spotlight for LUW and try to add a connection, I am getting a message DB2 client is not installed. I do not see about it in installation guide.

Please adivce me on this.

thanks in advance.

As you have noticed, Toad DB2 installs and runs using its own DB2 Client\DB2 Copy.
The Toad installed DB2 Copy (i.e. TOADC47) is not eligible to be a default DB2 copy, but it is a DB2 copy none the less.
Spotlight on DB2 relies on a default DB2 Client\DB2 Copy. (That should be stated in the Spotlight release notes).
If you install another DB2 Client and make it the default, Spotlight will work using that DB2 Copy (i.e DB2COPY1).
You can however run Spotlight in your environment when you only have a Toad installed DB2 copy, by first launching Toad DB2 and then from within Toad Launching Spotlight on DB2. Once in Toad, you are connected to a DB2 LUW database you can use the Tools | Quest Tools | Spotlight menu item to launch Spotlight. Spotlight will inherit the Toad DB2 environment, (i.e. TOADC47) and be able to see and use any LUW databases you have cataloged in your Toad environment.
Hope this helps,

Hello Jeff, Thanks for writing. I tried using Spotlight after I connected to Toad for DB2…Once choose tools, quest tools, spotlight - the spotlight window opens and shows the same error message: DB2 client not installed. Thanks and Regards, Subrahmanya(Subbu) Rao

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When I followed the instructions to launch Toad for DB2 and use Tools/Quest tools/Spotlight, the spotlight screens opens and displays the same error message: DB2 client not installed.

If I have to install another DB2 client, please advice me on where to get and how install.


That invocation to Spotlight should have worked.
You can go to IBM’s website and download the DB2 LUW Client.
You also might want to open a support case with Quest on this at That way, the support engineers can gather all your pertinent information and officially track this issue and work on resolution with the Spotlight Dev team.

Thank you so much for your help. I have opened case with Quest and hope to get a resolution from their end.