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Upgrade to Toad 6.0 for DB2 z/OS

How do I get the new version to recognize the previous DB2 for z/OS client or drivers installed? The new version automatially imported my connections, but I am getting a message telling me that no default client exists. Installing LUW clients or drivers is fairly easy, but I don’t believe the z/OS drivers are readily available in the same manner. Installing DB2 Connect is not an option. I also have IBM Data Studio installed. Is it possible for TOAD to take advantage of those drivers?

Toad DB2 v6.0 will work with your default DB2 client or DB2 ESE environment. The DB2COPy that got installed with prior versions of Toad for DB2 is a ‘subset’ of a full client and cannot be promoted to the default client. You will have to install a new client. If you are connecting to DB2 on z/OS you will need a DB2 Connect license for the client you install. You can find IBM DB2 clients at:…/downloads.html