Option to use whole column names in single object compare?

Hey all,

As I’m comparing two versions of a table from one schema to another using the Single Object Compare, Toad only recognizes that some of the columns are “new” in one of the tables, treating others as a column name change. This seems to occur when columns are named similarly, as in having a common prefix. Here’s an example:

CREATE TABLE tester1 (runabc NUMBER, rundef NUMBER, runghi NUMBER, runjkl NUMBER);
CREATE TABLE tester2 (runabc NUMBER, rundef NUMBER, runjkl NUMBER, runghi NUMBER, runxyz NUMBER);

Comparing the two shows in the Compare Scripts that “runjkl” and “runxyz” are differently named instead of different columns. I’d think that one would want to compare the column names as a whole, or at least have the option to do that.

I have a better real-world example that I could send offline, if needed.


I see what you mean, Rich. The problem is that the “Compare scripts” tab is a text compare, so it doesn’t really know the context of what it’s comparing.

I would say for this example, you’d want to look at the “compare columns” tab rather than the “compare scripts” tab.


Hey John,

I’ve been working on so many different iterations of things lately that I’ve forgotten what I was going for with this request. [:$]

A vendor of ours like to change their table columns, including ones designed to interface with our other products. One of our other products unscrupulously issues a “SELECT *” against those interface tables, causing issues when the column order changes. Looking at this again, I don’t need the specific order of the columns, I just need to know that it changed, which the Compare Columns tab already does.

It appears I’m all good, although I’m sure I’ll figure out why not again in the future. [<:o)]