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DDL Export - endings of tables, triggers,constraints

Hi Quest Team,

I use the Database/Export/Export DDL quite often lately. When exporting on file per object there the endings of some objecttypes like tables, constraints and triggers is .sql instead of .tbl, .trg. Other objecttypes like package get exported with ending like .pkg.

It is there an option to set the endings of the first group to the more specific ones. This would help me a lot when sorting the files afterwards.

Thanks in advance.

LG Martin


I don't think there is a way to do that in Export DDL, but there is a place to do it in Generate Schema Script. I hope that helps.


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Ok, thank you its good enough

Oh, actually....I see we already export to Toad extension from Export DDL, as long as you choose the "One file per object" option. If there are some object types that we aren't making with the extension that you want, you can set that here: