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Export DDL disabled?


In previous Toad for Oracle freeware versions I was able to export DB object DDL’s to clipboard or even to a file. Now it seems to be disabled and it only opens window with source code but without possibilities to copy it (cannot highlight).

Is this deactivation intended or is it a bug?



We have a “feature of the month” in freeware that’s unlocked for a little while so you can try it out fully featured. That must have been last month’s feature. You can always go to the Schema Browser, find your object, and go to the Script tab on the right hand side to get your DDL.


I have been using freeware now couple of years but encountered this issue just with the latest release. So cannot be about “feature of the month”.

Yes I have now been using DDL from the right side but it does not provide all which you get with the script option. At least these quite importan options are missing:

  • grants

  • synonyms

  • option to export object to file

I’m just asking about this because I didn’t notice any comment of this in patch/release notes. Do I have broken installation of the application or why it does that?


Click the first toolbar button on the script tab and you can change what’s included in the script (grants, synonyms). The 5th toolbar button saves to a file.

It appears that if you go to Main Menu -> Database -> Export -> Export DDL, the window is locked down. But if you go to Schema Browser -> -> right-click -> Create Script, it isn’t.

That was unintentional and will be fixed soon.

Next freeware release will allow one object to be exported at a time, so that the Export DDL is consistent with the features on SB-Script tab.

Thank you for the answers! Any time schedule for the next release?

I’m not really sure about the timeline, sorry. Maybe early spring? Just a guess.