Debug is Not Working

Hello, I am fairly new to Toad, and I wanted to try to use the built in debugger. I am going through the debugger tutorial for "LOOPPROC" and I have followed it exactly as it says to but when I execute from the trace into menu I get nothing displaying in the watches tab.

Any idea what I am doing wrong?

Gotta ask... had you started the debug session? That is, started tracing into the code (Debug-> Trace Into) ?

Smart Watch entries won't appear until you start the debug session with a trace or other debug operation that gets into the code.

Hey Gary, yes I did the trace into. When I press trace into the first menu pops up is this (I click "no")

Then the "set parameters and execute" menu comes up, and I set my parameters and output options to this:

Then I press execute and it runs super fast and this message pops up letting me know it's finished.
I can see it did run through the code based on the DBMS Output tab, but there is nothing displayed in the Watches tab.

Set a breakpoint in the Editor by clicking on one of the blue dots in the gutter before starting the debug (run/trace into)