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debug with compile crashes Toad

Any time I use debug with TOAD it crashes before completing its execution.

Any ideas?

Any ideas?

Nope, not without any information. You’ll need to provide some basic details of the crash at the very least.

Debugging a procedure in a package ( in Editor window) Debug>set parameters>…>set breakpoint>Compile with debug>F11>Execute


Toad Oracle is not responding close program (FORCED TO CLOSE TOAD)

There have been some problems in the past regarding raised (possibly unhandled) exceptions in the PL/SQL and parameters with spaces or otherwise requiring double quotes. If you execute without debug does the hang still occur? Does your code raise an exception? Do your parameters require double quotes? You can also try Toad 12.8 to see if the issue has been resolved.

You have to explain more than “crash”. Does it create an access violation, error dialog, wink out of existence? Were you stepping in, over, out, halting, watching? Is it every procedure/function/package or just specific ones?

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debug with compile crashes Toad

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Any time I use debug with TOAD it crashes before completing its execution.

Any ideas?

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The only dialogue was Toad Oracle is not responding Windows is searching for a solution… Close program. No stepping etc. - just clicked execute and a few seconds later that dialogue appeared. Yes it is every procedure in all packages that I have tested so far. Happens in both Oracle 10g & 12c (upgraded recently). Strangely if it is extracted out into a stand alone procedure with the refcursor removed it works. But for proper debugging I need to be able to debug within the package.

There are several exceptions in the PLSQL procedures - all handled including “when others…”. No hanging with execute without debug. No parameters require double quotes or have whitespace in them.

I accepted your answer too soon unfortunately - as I have done an upgrade to 12.8 - same issue arising. Hang does not occur if you execute without debug. Exception handling is built in. No double quotes required for parameters.

The following are screenshots of the performance analyzer just prior to toad forcibly closing.:

I’m not sure what it could be, but it might be specific to your package. You said it works OK as a standalone procedure with the refcursor removed. If the refcursor is still in place does it also fail? I would try to isolate the cause as much as you can by duplicating your package and systematically removing bits and pieces of it until you get a procedure that will execute without crash. Then let us know what it was about your code that causes the problem. Perhaps focus on package initialization code first.

Can you reproduce the issue with a non-proprietary schema (SCOTT or HR)? If so, would you send the code sample?