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Debugger Not Working


I have PLSQL Navigator version I am attempted to use the debugger and am having the following problem. 1). I open a plsql function from the database. 2). I set the debugger on using the tool bar button. 3). I save the function back to the database. ( I see the code get the alter command with the debug option on). 4). I set a breakpoint in the code 5). I select the execute button from the toolbar menu 6). Stored procedure execute window opend 7). I provide the input parameters and then select run button from toobar menu. 8). Nothing happens. I stay on the execution window with the hourglass and nothing occurs. It does not appear to be running the procedure. The code window with my breakpoint never appears. No messages are displayed in the output window. I end up having to kill the Navigator session. This only occurs when I try to debug code. The same function will run from the execution window if I just try and run the function wihout debuggin on. Is there some setting or preference that I need to change? I would really like to get the debug capability working. It did work at one point but I am not sure when it started this behavior.


Hi Randy,

Thanks for your call.

We tried to replicate an issue, following provided steps, but, unfortunately, couldn’t reproduce it.
Debugger works OK in 5.5.4 at our end. I would suggest to log this issue with Quest Support at
They are well equipped to investigate and provide some solution.



Thanks for trying. I have entered this with support.