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Navigator freeze when debug (wrong usage from debugging api)


Hello development,

current I use and navigator freeze when I debug plsql and run over a statement like:

for rec in (select function() …) loop

I open a tar at oracle, because I can reproduce this with manually debuging with sql and I got the anser,
that this is a wrong usage from debugging api.

I have got a bug: 6652482

If you know from this problem and this is fixed in other releases pls let me know.

If not, let me know if you need more info to fix this problem.

I let my tar at oracle open if you need more info from oracle.

regards Dietmar


Hi Dietmar,

We haven’t seen this problem before. I assume it still exists in 6.0; we will try to reproduce it here. Could you please give us access to the information from Oracle so we can address the issue.

Thank you,


Hello Roman,

this is cut and past from the bug:

The customer is unable to debug parts of his application using SQL Navigator

as it hangs. When some sample plsql code from the application was run

through dbms_debug the same thing happened. Narrowing the plsql code down

the problem occurs when a plsql function is called from SQL. For example:


function F … is



package body PK is

function PF … is

for rec in (select F() …) loop

end loop;


procedure PP is


x := 10; --> (1)

y := PF; --> (2)

x := 20; --> (3)

y := PF; --> (4)

x := 30; --> (5)




exec PK.PP




If you break at the line marked:

  • (1) the resulting info record has the expected information - program

name, line, stack size etc. Stepping to the next line also shows the

expected information but continuing to the end of the program after this

has no effect on the executing procedure and it does not complete. This

is true whether or not the lines marked (4) and (5) are present.

  • (2) the resulting info record has the expected information but stepping to

the next line results in an empty info record. Continuing to the end of

the program has no effect on the executing procedure. However if the

lines marked (4) and (5) are not present then it does continue successfully

and execution of the procedure completes.

  • (3) the resulting info record is empty. Continuing to the next line sets

the info record to have details of the line marked (3) instead of the

following line as expected. Continuing to the end of the program has no

effect on the executing procedure.

  • (4) it behaves like (3).

  • (5) the resulting info record is empty on both the initial break and after

stepping to the next line. Again continuing to the end of execution has

no effect.


In the provided testcase it initially breaks at the line marked (2) then

continues to the next line and finally to the end of the program. As this

does not result in execution completing the only way to terminate the

procedure is to use control-C.





None other than to remove the offending code.










Reproduced: RDBMS_MAIN_LINUX_071102,,,





a) Create the user and objects:

sqlplus /nolog @setup

b) Start 2 sessions:

sqlplus dbguser/dbguser

c) Session 1 - compile the package as debug and turn on debugging:

d) Session 2 - attach to the debug session (enter the id from Session 1

at the prompt) and set a break point:

e) Session 1 - run the problem procedure:

f) Session 2 - run to the breakpoint and print out info, continue to the

next break point and print out further info, continue to end of program

g) Session 1 - the execution in Session 1 should have completed as the above

was run but does not. Therefore ctl-C out then turn off debugging:

h) Session 2 - debug the debug off and detach from the session:

This should result in s1_5 completing but depending on which line you

initially broke on it may or may not finish. If not then again use


*** 11/27/07 04:53 am *** (CHG: Sta->16 Asg->NEW OWNER)

*** 11/27/07 04:58 am *** (CHG: Confirmed Flag->Y)

*** 11/27/07 04:58 am *** (CHG: Sta->11 Asg->NEW OWNER)

*** 11/27/07 04:58 am ***

*** 03/12/08 10:13 am *** (CHG: Asg->NEW OWNER)

*** 08/11/08 05:41 pm ***

Just examined the test case using label RDBMS_MAIN_LINUX_080808. This is not

a bug but an incorrect usage of DBMS_DEBUG API.


Inside step (f), the dbms_debug.continue() actually returns with the reason

code dbms_debug.reason_interpreter_starting, which is the event delivered

when the PL/SQL interpreter is called recursively by SQL for the PL/SQL

function myfunc(). At that point, we haven’t stepped to the next line in the

package ski_contract. And that is why no program location is returned and the

client session appears hanging. dbms_debug.continue() should be called again

to allow the PL/SQL execution to continue to step to line 19 in the package.

It is the same case for step (h).

*** 08/11/08 05:45 pm ***

If this test case illustrates how SQL Navigator uses DBMS_DEBUG in this

hanging case, it is an issue with SQL Navigator. It should prepare to receive

the debug event dbms_debug.reason_interpreter_starting while stepping through

a PL/SQL program and continue until the dbms_debug.reason_line or any other

step events is delivered.

*** 08/11/08 05:49 pm *** (CHG: Sta->32)

*** 08/21/08 06:59 am *** (CHG: Sta->92)

*** 08/21/08 06:59 am ***

Though the return code from the continue does not indicate it has not gone to

the next break point, if I make the same call a second time in s2_4.sql then

the testcase does correctly print the line information. Similarly if I

double up the continue to end of program the procedure completes execution.

I hope this help

regards Dietmar


Hello Roman,

pls send me your eMail Address then I’ll upload a testcase.
I don’t want do this in this public forum, because the code and data are not for everone.

I hope you understand

regards Dietmar


Hi Dietmar,

My email is: