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Debugging Stored procedures.



When i try debugging a stored procedure(Say A) which had a call to another procedure (say B) in different package, the debugger didnot goes into or traces into procedure B. The debug window says “Source code unavilable”. Please help me to get into the procedure B to find the data.



Hi Nithi,

If you add several breakpoints in both package and keep pressing F9, it will trace into the other package. Let me know if it doesn’t work for you.


Btw, which version of Navigator are you using?

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SQL Navigator hangs whenever F9 is pressed for debugging.

Version details
SQL Navigator Prof edition

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Unfortunately, we’re close to the release of version 6.0 now so there’s nothing we can do for the 5.5.0 even if it has problem. I would suggest that you go through with our support chanel to get help regarding this issue. Another way is you can try our 6.0 beta that is available to download from the forum. Much appreciate if you can provide feedbacks on this version.