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SQLNavigator 7.3 Code debugging


I want to know how to debug the code in sql navigator with break points and watches.


You can follow the steps:

  1. turn on the debugger toolbar button

  2. open one of function, and set breakpoint, you can add watch by right click menu

  3. execute the funcion will stop on breakpoint


Hi Michael,

Thanks for the reply.

However my requirement is when i put breakpoint and watch by in particular page and execute, i need the page to pop-up till wherever the breakpoint has applied…

i hope you got it right, please let me know if you need more clarification…

first you have to enter in debug mode (pushing button with a yellow bug in a red ban sign, or by Ctrl-Alt-S shortcut )

then save the package or function you want debug,

or, in alternative recompile it with alter package pkg_name compile debug command.

(you can check with select * from user_plsql_object_settings which objects are compiled in debug mode).

Then set the breakpoints by click on the left vertical grey bar near the statement, then press F9.
It should show the “run” panel and let you choose the function in the upper combo box.

Enter the parameter values and press F9 again. The program will run until first breakpoint.