Default Directory?

Two part question…

  1. Where can I set the default directory where my queries will be saved/opened?

  2. In the project pane, can I add a directory such that it displays all the queries in that directory automatically? When I add a directory, I have to open it differently and I cannot launch the query directly in the editor. I can add files, but I don’t want to do that one at a time. I tried the Directory Items option, but it didnt’ seem to do anything. I thought, by the name, that it would do the trick.


Hi Billy,

RE 1) We have found that when building scripts you usually save to one location for the project your are working on at the time. The next time you work on a project you tend to save to a different location, even if it is a sub folder of the same area.

So to accomodate this, we remember the last directory you saved a SQL file or Query Builder file. Once a file is saved, the next time you save it will go to the same path. This tends to facilitate work flow better than one set default dir.

RE 2) In the project manager you can add a link to a directory. This will open up an explorer inside TDA so you can access all of the files in that dir. There is another option to add all files in a directory as separate file links(See Directory Items menu option). This currently has a bug in it, and only works if you point to a directory that has a subfolder in it. This is a known issue for TDA 2.7. CR79,587 .



I was able to get that to work, but I can’t launch the .sql files directly from that browser. It is helpful, however, to at least be able to quickly navigate there. Maybe I can d&d them onto the canvas or something. I will play with it.


That’s the one I want, so I will create an empty subdir and see if that will let me workaround it until it’s fixed.


Actually, if you have the explorer window open and drag a *.sql file out of that window it will open a new editor with the SQL loaded into the editor. This works from an explorer whether opened inside or outside of Toad.

Now you have a couple of options