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Default File/Template Location


Does anyone know the location of the file that opens when you open up Toad first of all, I’d like to be able to amend it so every time i create a script it already has a comment block at the top instead of having to add these lines in each time

Thanks in advance



Hi Karl,
could you please be more specific in this question?
I can guess that you want to have some kind of template for new SQL Editor. Right?

Also, toad can run script on connect to server, but I’m not sure that it is what you are talking about.

Waiting details from you.


Hi Alex

Yes that’s exactly right a template for new SQL Editor each time a new Editor is opened so i can add some default comments in the header

Thanks in advance



Hi Karl,
ok, now I see your needs. How about using Code Snippets? You can type any text that you want there and insert it into Editor in 2 seconds. See attached file and Code Snippet help topic for details.

Please tell me if this is what you need or you have other questions.



Hi Alex

That will do the trick fine many thanks


Ok, sounds good.