Default Zoom level in the Toad for Oracle editor

Hey guys,

Is there any way I could set a default zoom level on the Toad for Oracle Editor (e.g. 90%) so any open window will be on this level?

I know I could try to play around with the size of the font but don't want to do this ...

Thanks a lot,

Hi Marius,

Sorry, there is no setting for that.

If you change your mind about the font size, here is the place to do that:

Another alternative, BTW, is to simply use Ctl-MouseWheel within the Editors. It's not a one-time-done solution solution to your ask for a default, but it takes less than a second to wheel your way to the desired mag level.

Thanks Gary. I was under the impression that's what he was doing but he just wanted his CTRL+Mousewheel setting to stick.